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Inspecting A House from: US21.21

Inspecting A House  from: US21.21

Home Inspection
Inspecting A House Description: In this heavily illustrated guide, a master plumber, electrician, and inspector presents a rational sequence of home inspection so that you won`t miss anything in heating, electrical, plumbing and drainage systems. Whether it`s an overloaded electrical panel, a driveway that sends water into the basement when it rains or a gas furnace that`s improperly vented, you`re shown how to spot and evaluate areas of concern. etc.
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Benchmark Report from: US21.85

Benchmark Report  from: US21.85

Home Inspection
Benchmark Report Description: If you do home inspections you have to file a report. The Benchmark??s one-time reports are as comprehensive as you`re likely to find. They come as checklists with complete illustrations of the area being inspected, on 4-part NCR paper, in a three-ring binder. Every area is covered: grounds, exterior, foundation, roof, plumbing, heating, cooling, electrical, interior, garage, kitchen, bathroom, well, septic, and more. etc.
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Public Works Inspector`s Manual from: US63.71

Public Works Inspector`s Manual  from: US63.71

Home Inspection
Public Works Inspector`s Manual Description: A complete operational and technical guidebook for all professionals involved in public works construction. The most complete and authoritative reference of its kind ever written. 75 charts, tables and drawings. Written by a former Public Works inspector. 350 pages, 5 x 8 etc.
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