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Pets and Pet Supplies

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Go to Animal Den now

Animal Den

Animal Den 5 star

The Animal Den is a great gift site for animal, pet and dog breed lovers. With over 9000 products, they sell shirts, plush animals, calendars, mugs, address labels, mousepads & more.

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US Pets

US Pets 5 star

US Pets offers a massive range of pet supplies online. They deliver everything from medication to toys for pets throughout the USA and Canada.

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VetShop.Com 5 star is an online pet store, offering high quality over-the-counter pet medications. Products include flea and tick control, heartworm tablets and more.

Free shipping on all orders

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Go to Bird.Com now


Bird.Com 5 star

You'll find just about everything you need for looking after your feathered friend whether it's a Parakeet or a Macaw. From bird cages and toys to parrot towers, treats and food, bird health products and more.Bird.Com

Excellent 30 Day Return Policy and a 120% Price Protection Plan means you can safely spend your money knowing you're getting the best prices

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Go to Animal Den now

Animal Den

Animal Den 5 star

Fantastic Gift ideas for animal lovers - Dogs, Cats, Bugs, Birds, Barnyard friends, Freshwater and Marine critters, Reptiles and Amphibians - All creatures big and small.Animal Den

You'll find themed shirts, address labels, plush toys, license frames, mugs, mousepads, calendars and much more

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Go to BigAl' now


BigAl' 5 star

BigAl' is an online store selling pet supplies in North America. They offer products for a range of pets including birds, cats, dogs, reptiles, small animals and more.

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Go to Only Natural Pet Store now

Only Natural Pet Store

Only Natural Pet Store 5 star

Buy online natural dog food and cat food, treats, vitamins, flea control, supplements, medicine, herbal remedy treatments, shampoo, raw and organic food, and more.Only Natural Pet Store

Free shipping on orders over $75.00!

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Go to Wysong now


Wysong 5 star

Wysong has helped people achieve better health for themselves and their pets with their information and products. These products range from healthy human products, to cat foods and supplements, dog foods and supplements, ferret foods, and horse feed and supplements. All are premium, natural, organic, and manufactured in-house.

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Go to now 5 star is your one stop destination for all quality dog supplies. They sell everything from collars, harnesses, beds, and toys to food, clothing, flea and tick control, training tools and books/DVDs.

They believe in dog rescue and support canine rescue organizations

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Go to Sequinpooch now


Sequinpooch 5 star

Creators of luxuriously decorated dog coats - All dog coats are hand sewn and can be custom sized to ensure the best fit for your dog. Whenever you want your dog to lead SequinPooch has the coat.Sequinpooch

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Go to YourBreedStore now


YourBreedStore 5 star

Gifts and Collectibles for pure breed dog lovers - this store has gifts for over 140 individual dog breeds. Their range includes calendars, signs, ornaments, jewelry, watches, flags, embroidered clothing and much more.

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